How do I know if I am winning the bid?

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While an auction is still active, you can view your bids through your account in the “favorite” you can modify any bids and bid on new items that are in the favorite section (If you bid on an item, you will be automatically “favored” ).  If there is a green star to the right of an item, you currently holding the highest offer!  If you see a red star, then you were outbid.

if an auction your participating in closes, you can refresh the page frequently to view the final result, as some internet connections can time out during the last few minutes of an auction.  Don’t worry!  The auction will extend for 3 more minutes if you are outbid.  Make sure to edit your bid in order to make sure you are not outbid!

The closing time on each item in a sale is staggered; after you win your invoice will be emailed to you and available to view under your “completed auctions” approximately one hour after a sale closes.

Come and pick up your reward!

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