How to install DownsizeSale Web App (PWA) for Android

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Progressive Web App (PWA) is the web app with the native-app flavor: After the installation( no download is required), a user clicks on its icon on a device home screen and gets straight to the website.

How to install?

Visit in the browser. You will see a PWA banner at the bottom of the screen.


Click to that banner to add it on your Home screen. On click, you will see the following pop up.


Once you click on the Add button, you will see a message “Adding DownsizeSale” for few seconds.


Finally, you will see a DownsizeSale PWA icon on your Home screen as shown below.


Now, if you click on the Home screen icon of DownsizeSale you will see a splash screen ,


and then you will get redirected to the website through PWA.


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