Why was I outbid by an amount less than the minimum increment?

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Since all bidders have the ability to place a Bid, you may occasionally find that you have been outbid by an amount that does not seem correct. For example, if your Bid was $8, yet you lost an item to another buyer who won for $10, here’s why: At 12:01 PM, Lot 1 is at $4. At 12:30 PM, Bidder 1 (yourself) places a Bid for $8. Bidding continues and at 12:45 PM, lot 1 is at $7. At 12:46 PM, Bidder 2 places a Bid of $10. Bidder 2’s bid is accepted since it is above the $2 minimum increment at the time (since the lot was at $8), and it also outbids your bid of $10. As another example, if you place a Bid of $25 when lot 2 is at $15, why did the bid jump to $23.50?The other bidder had a $22.50 Bid which is why when you put in the $25 Bid, it jumped to the next $1 increment from the $22.50 Bid to $23.50.

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