Is your organization still hosting silent auctions? DownsizeSale is your neighbourhood online auction company. Our process is hassle free and very efficient than regular fundraisers. We offer a simple, fun way to sell items online, and we handle the bidding, marketing and financial aspects of your auction.

Charity organizations selling through DownsizeSale
DownsizeSale Auction is a perfect tool for our charity organizations. It is a simple, fun way to sell items online, and DownsizeSale team handles the bidding, marketing and financial aspects of our auction.

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Six Reasons to Try Downsize Sale Auctions

Intensive Bidding

We promote your auction to a broader audience. We advertise your auction  in all the right places, and attract all the right people. We draw in thousands of followers and repeat buyers.

Efficiency and Convenience

Our user friendly cataloging mobile application makes your work of cataloging and photographing fast and easy. No more digital photo cameras. Login to the app, take pictures of lots, write description and save the catalog. We will review it and send you back for the confirmation/editing. After that you are all set for the auction!

Fast Results

DownsizeSale auctions take less than 2 weeks from start to finish. Data shows that online auctions perform best when they run for one week. Bidding takes place anytime, anywhere. The highest price is achieved for every item. DownsizeSale is a 24/7 service, not limited by the traditional hour long event.

Special Commission Rate

With competitive rates and only a 30% commission, DownsizeSale is a low cost sale of goods service.

Full Transparency

We provide you with a detailed report of the auction results. At the end of your DownsizeSale auction you will receive information about each lot, how much it was sold for and to whom. Within 14 days of your auction closing, the proceeds will be sent straight to your charity by cheque, or direct deposit. 

A complete solution for selling everything

DownsizeSale auction platform is designed to sell sells everything you can find in a home but the house itself. You can clear and empty a whole house fast and easily.

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