Move Manager partnering with DownsizeSale
As a professional move manager, getting rid of stuff is the most difficult part of my job. This is not a problem any more since I partnered with Downsizesale. DownsizeSale’s sale process takes only 11 days with a clear out rate of 95%.

Hellen Smith

CEO, Easy Moving & Relocating

Partnership Option A:
DowsizeSale Managed Sale

You as an move manager or organizer would take care of setting up for the auction as you provide them with your other services. DownsizeSale would then come in to complete all the cataloging, photography, product marketing, deal with potential buyers and handle the collection of payments.

Partnership Option B:
Seller Managed Sale

You as an move manager or organizer give the client the most cohesive experience while using DownsizeSale as the sale of goods platform to clear the home. You use our app with just yourself and/or your team to catalog the items and upload them to our server. DownsizeSale provides the product marketing, deals with potential buyers and handles the collection of payments.


Fast results

From start to finish, the process takes only 11 days and sells, on average, 98% of everything listed.

Full transparency

DownsizeSalegives the seller a detailed report of what sold, who purchased it and how much they bought it for.

An unintrusive experience

Buyers of a DownsizeSale auction only come to the sellers home once for pick up of the items that have been paid for.

Great low rates

With competitive rates and only a 30% commission, DownsizeSale is a low cost sale of goods service.

A complete solution for selling everything

DownsizeSale sells everything you can find in a home but the house itself. You can clear and empty a whole house fast and easily.

Safe and secure

We do not publish the address of the auction. The pickup of the items sold is always supervised by either a DownsizeSale team member or a partnering organizer.

Friendly and knowledgable staff

Whether a seller is interacting with a DownsizeSale team member, a member of our support staff or a partnering organizer,  they are sure to have a pleasant experience.

We sell everything, no "cherry picking"

DownsizeSale doesn’t “cherry pick” items, so sellers can include almost anything they wish to sell. DownsizeSale will also send an auction draft to each seller to edit any descriptions or even add photos.

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