Robin Liu CEO DownsizeSale Auctioneers Inc
Robin Liu, University Graduate, Software Engineer . He has been a software developer and software engineer since 1998. He has been an expert at digital marketing for many years,
Robin Liu
Founder & CEO, CTO
Dallas Turner was previous CEO at McDougall Auctioneers Ltd. Working as a business consultant, Dallas Turner's duties and responsibilities will be to monitor the growth of DownsizeSale
Dallas Turner
Business Consultant
Bipin Makavana COO DownsizeSale Auctioneers Inc
MBA Marketing. He graduated from Gujarat University in India in 2010 with a master degree in Marketing. Before joining to DownsizeSale, he has been the Manager Procurement & Warehouse for Cadila Pharmaceutical Ltd since 2011.
Bipin Makavana
Chief Operation Officer
Joe Siganski has been self employed insurance broker for many years before joining to DownsizeSale Auctioneers in 2020.
Joe Siganski
Sales Representative