Antique shop selling through DownsizeSale Auction Platform

Are you a Collector? Antique shop owner? Storage Facility Owners?
Are you running out of room on your consignment shop shelves?
Are you thinking of selling off your merchandise? Sell with DownsizeSale!
We offer a simple way to sell items online, and we handle the bidding, marketing and financial aspects of your auction.

Six Reasons to Try DownsizeSale Online Auctions

Intensive Bidding

We promote your auction to a broader audience. We advertise your auction  in all the right places, and attract all the right people. We draw in thousands of followers and repeat buyers.

Efficiency and Convenience

Our user friendly cataloging mobile application makes your work of cataloging and photographing fast and easy. No more digital photo cameras. Login to the app, take pictures of lots, write description and save the catalog. We will review it and send you back for the confirmation/editing. After that you are all set for the auction!

An unintrusive experience

Buyers of a DownsizeSale auction only come to the sellers home once for pick up of the items that have been paid for.

Great low rates

With competitive rates and only a 30% commission, DownsizeSale is a low cost sale of goods service.

Full Transparency

We provide you with a detailed report of the auction results. At the end of your DownsizeSale auction you will receive information about each lot, how much it was sold for and to whom. Within 14 days of your auction closing, the proceeds will be sent straight to your charity by cheque, or direct deposit.

Safe and secure

We do not publish the address of the auction. The pickup of the items sold is always supervised by either a DownsizeSale team member or a partnering organizer.

Make Your Next Sale With DownsizeSale

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