What is the Modern Estate Sale Process?

When it comes to your average estate sale, there are some changes that have been made over the years as far as how they are conducted. The modern estate sale process might look a little different than your traditional estate sale event.

With traditional estate sale, people buying at seller’s home.

A traditional estate sale is often going to be held right onsite for the location and will be showcasing the contents of the home that is having the estate sale. Many different buyers would come to the venue and look at the contents available, walking around the home and seeing what is there.

In the past, Estate Sales were a constant stress and heartache for the executors of loved ones’ estates. Having to dispose of a lifetime’s worth of belongings, usually on a tight timeline on account of the sale of the home, often led to disorganized attempts to sell the majority of the personal goods. Estate sales were frequently regarded as disorganized, not profitable, and not transparent, with crowds of people stomping through homes, determining if there was anything they felt like bidding on. 

This old concept led to dissatisfied sellers, low sell-through-rates, and low profits. Everyone seemed to have a market for their sterling silver, car, or original oil painting, but no one had a solution for the cleaning supplies, the Tupperware, or the couch that had been in the basement for 25 years. The traditional mindset was to believe that the easiest way to get rid of these items was to hire a junk removal company, and pay thousands of dollars for their services.

Things are much different today, with virtual online auction events happening that have turned modern estate sale opportunities into something much more fun and convenient.

With modern estate sale, People buying estate at home over internet

If you love an online auction but have not yet experienced a modern estate sale then you might truly find great value in taking part in one. Today, modern estate sale events can be held through online auction with the help of technology and give people all over the world a chance to bid on the contents of the home. This is much different from a traditional estate sale where you would need to have someone present there for you, someone who was making the bid in person for what you wanted to purchase.

  • The New Looks Much Different
  • – Faster
  • – Bigger
  • – More Convenient
  • – New Payment Methods
  • – More Protection For Estate Assets

Modern estate sale events are becoming more frequent and technology helps to bring them online today. This is how we now have modern estate sale events with online auction opportunities that bring in people from all over, turning traditional estate sale events right on their head. With a traditional estate sale you also might not even be able to sell every item that is in the home and what do you do with the leftovers? That can be a tricky problem to deal with sometimes.

Get It All Done Faster

Things can move quicker, involve more people, be more cost effective at the end of the day, and protect the property as well from being trampled on by many visitors coming to the home and poking around. This is what a modern estate sale is going to look like today and it is very different from a more traditional estate sale that you might be familiar with. It is a great way to liquidating the belongings fast.

With a modern estate sale you are going to have cataloging of the items. You can have a designated pickup time where people can conveniently have the items picked up or delivered. This makes everything much more smooth and convenient. The traditional estate sale has been changed for the better and has been greatly improved.

Overall, the average modern estate sale can be held and finished within a matter of weeks. That makes everything much easier to put together and gives you a quick solution to getting rid of items that you might not want any longer. When the event is over and the auction finally closes then you will traditionally receive a detailed and full report from the auction. You will be able to see how well each item did and what the overall outcome was.

It is easy today to take great photographs or videos of the items that might be for sale and to put them online to be sold in an online auction. This opens up the door to getting more money for the items and for more people to be involved with the auction process in general. There might be a much smaller limit to people coming and visiting the house to see potential items for sale, than there would be for them to see what is available online to buy.

Modern Estate Sale Convenience
When you want to hold an estate sale then the best way to do it is by holding a modern estate sale with everything done online. This can be an incredibly convenient way to get things done and can help to move the inventory in the fastest amount of time. Everything is convenient for all parties, right from beginning to pick-up. It makes it possible for people around the world to either come pick up items or have them shipped, depending on what the item is. Back in the days of more traditional estate sales, you might only have a few community members show up and not much interest from out of town. That is because it would be difficult for many people to hear about the event. But technology today makes it easy to hold and hear about estate sales.

Getting the world out about an estate sale can be done easily online and it can also be possible to connect hundreds or thousands of people together online for one event, for a modern estate sale to move a few items that are no longer wanted. There might be more modern payment methods that are accepted for modern estate sales as well, than you might see with traditional estate sales. For example, some modern estate sales might start to accept cryptocurrency for a payment method, depending on where you are making the purchase and who you are making it with. But increasingly we see that cryptocurrency is becoming a viable payment method and this means that eventually cryptocurrency will make its way into the modern estate sale world.

It is always best to find some expert help when you are looking to hold your own real estate sale, because it is easier to navigate the waters that way and get everything done that you need to. Luckily, there are people out there providing services that can help you to put everything together and take care of everything that is involved with the modern estate sale from start to finish. You don’t have to tackle everything all on your own and technology really does help to make it very easy today to hold a modern estate sale when you need to.

We now know there is a BETTER, MORE PROFITABLE, and FASTER solution, thanks to the technologies nowadays.

DownsizeSale Auctioneers Inc is the only modern estate sale company in western Canada, offering the ability to bring it online with an online auction if you want that convenience. With the online auction that is a part of the modern estate sale you are going to get much more convenience. Using online auctions, DownsizeSale can SELL EVERYTHING, from the car in the driveway to the dishes in the sink, in two weeks.

DownsizeSale Online Estate Auctions remove all the stress from the executors of the estate. Their local teams are responsible for the photography, cataloging, measuring, and describing of items. After that, the auction goes live on their online estate auction website for approximately two weeks, where DownsizeSale is responsible for the marketing of the auction, as well as the final collection of payments. Upon the online auction closing, the DownsizeSale local team will return to the home to supervise the collection of the items by the successful bidders over a 3-4 hour pickup period. 

By Robin Liu – April 9/2020
Robin Liu is the founder of DownsizeSale.com, the first modern estate auction company in Western Canada. 

Downsize Your Life Space: Top 10 things You Should Discard & Turn Into Cash

Look around your house for a bit and you might find a bit of junk. Things that you no longer use or find value but you could easily sell by online estate auction or in person at a garage sale etc, and someone else might find value in it. They would be willing to give you money for it. There is money all around you. For this reason you should think about what you might no longer need but be willing to sell to someone else. Are you moving? Or just interested in downsizing your life space? Then think about what you might be able to turn a profit with. After it sells then you can use that money to go out and buy something that you do want. Here are some ideas for the top 10 things you shall discard and turn into cash.

10. Old Clothes

There must be some old clothes around that you can find and sell. This is an easy thing to look around for and find something you no longer use but that might still be in good shape. You can then sell it online and send it through the mail, there are many apps and websites that help you to be able to do that. You can sell it on the same day and get paid cash for it or some other payment method. Having an estate sale is a great way to get rid of some of those clothes and other items you might not want any longer.

9. Old Music

Any old music cds or records around? These can easily be worth a bit of money so take a look at what it is that you have. You might want to sell a few of those things and make some money for it. Most music can be found online anyways if you want to listen to your favorite song. So if you need some money then think about selling what old music records you might have around, you never know what one could be worth a lot for you.

8. Furniture

Delivery men moving sofa in room at new home

There might be some furniture that you are not using any longer. Instead of throwing it out and discarding that furniture you can turn it into cash. This could be old tables and chairs, or something else around the house you are not using any longer. You might be buying a new couch or a new table and you can sell the old one and make some good money from it. It might take some effort and time but the option is there for you to turn that old furniture into cash money when you need it.

7. Pet Toys and Pet Furniture

This is a great way to make some extra cash, find what old pet toys or pet furniture you might have around the house and sell that so that you can have some money in your pocket. This might be something you would discard, say if your pet runs away or your pet passes away, but you could instead turn that junk into money. Use the money to buy a new pet perhaps? But don’t just throw it all away. Make something from it and try to sell it for money rather than turn it into junk left somewhere and unwanted, it might bring value to someone else.

6. Paintings and Pictures

lachendes älteres paar beim umzug

Some old paintings or pictures that you have around the house might bring value to many other people. If you want to make some cash from that junk that you no longer want then turn those paintings into money. There is a big market for artwork out there and what you no longer find value in someone else might. This means that the painting you want to get rid of might be the perfect painting that someone else out there is looking for and wants to trade you for. Try selling it.

5. Old Cars That Don’t Work

Don’t just call a junk service to come and take your junk car away that no longer works. No, think about selling it! It is worth something even for scrap metal so think about going that option first so that you can make some money rather than letting it go to waste. There is always something that is usually able to be made from that junk car of yours. If you do not want to try fixing it then try selling it and see what happens.

4. Electronics

This is an easy one because there is often going to be something you consider junk in the area of electronics. Especially when you might be downsizing, there could be something to throw away. You can sell that phone or laptop, television you are not using now, and get money for it. These can be some of the best options to sell too if they are still working. Give someone else a deal on them and you will see how quickly they can go. Turn those old phones and electronics into cash when you need the money. This is a great option for junk around the house that you can flip for a profit when you want to sell some junk for money.

3. Sports Equipment

If you have a bike, skates, or other equipment, you might want to look into selling it. Having a moving sale might be the best time to get rid of it and make a sale. There is a really big market for sports equipment and when you have something you are not using then you can easily sell it to make some money.

2. Tools

If there are some tools that you have that you do not use any longer then think about selling those tools for money. Find a website online that you can list it or perhaps even take it to a pawn shop and turn that old junk, the tools you no longer need, into real money that you can use. You could have a moving sale, or even an online auction, there are many options for selling what you no longer want. Downsizing is easier than ever thanks to technology, you can make a good profit from it.

1. Books

If there are any books around your house that you have already read then think about selling it to someone else for profit. This way you can read the book which you already have and then sell it to someone else for money. This gives you a chance to turn what would be junk into something more valuable for you, giving you money to go towards another purchase. You can sell online or at any bookstore that also deals in sales, buying old books from people etc, there are a few out there so if you go looking for them you should find one.

By Robin Liu – April 7/2020
Robin Liu is the founder of DownsizeSale.com, the first modern estate auction company in Western Canada. 

Downsizing – 5 Top Reasons You Do It Now

Our propensity for collecting things never stops. For as long as we live, we will continue to collect stuff. We are continually shifting from one interest to another. And the relics from those different eras seem to pile up everywhere – garages, closets, the spare bedroom, and, of course, the storage house outback. And that brings us to the gist of this article – the need to downsize, and the right time to do it. 

Below are 5 downsizing options you should not miss:

lachendes älteres paar beim umzug

1. Transition or Change 

Sometimes the family itself takes on a new look, like with a divorce or death. In such cases, an estate (or downsizing) sale can help reshape your space for your changing family. These kinds of change can be difficult, so having a comprehensive plan will help smooth the transition. 

Seniors moving out of the home presents its own set of problems. So, too, do children leave the nest. In both situations, a lot of stuff gets left behind. All the more reason you should secure the services of a full-service mover. We will come to your house before the move and photograph and catalog everything. Then, when it is time for the move, we simply come by and pick up everything, leaving you free to concentrate on other things. You don’t even have to be home at the time.

But the transition doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. It could be cause for relief; relief that you now have more free time to do the things you always wanted to do. For example, your move might take you away from having to worry about lawn care or snow plowing. If that’s the case, you’ll have plenty of time to start that new hobby or setup that new man cave you’ve always wanted. In the case of the children finally leaving the nest, you could turn their old room into a playroom for the grandkids when they visit. The sky’s the limit now.

2. Moving 

mortgage, people and real estate concept – happy couple with boxes and french bulldog dog moving to new home and drinking coffee

You could try loading up everything and moving it yourself if you want to save a little money, but that might turn out to be a little hard on your back, especially if you own a lot of heavy stuff. If you’re going to do the job yourself, get rid of all the stuff you don’t need first. 

If you want to avoid all the headaches (and backaches) you could always hire a professional mover. Again, you can reduce the costs by clearing out all the junk you don’t need first. 

But, throwing away your “stuff” can be easier said than done. So, to lighten the decision-making load (pardon the pun) for you you, I propose the following suggestions:

  • Frequency of Use: As you prepare to make your move, ask yourself, “how often do I use this item?” If the answer comes back, “not very often,” then that might be an item you should leave behind. 
  • Is it cheaper to just leave some old stuff and buy, or rent, new stuff as needed?: Most household items can be easily replaced when you get to your destination, but things like firearms, large appliances, and clothes you should keep. Also, you might be able to do without all that old sports memorabilia piled up in the garage. You could also make some much-needed cash by having a downsizing sale.
  • The Floor Plan: It might be the case that there’s just not enough room for all of the collectibles you’ve accumulated over the years in your new home, so you’ll just have to decide which is more important, and which is not.
  • Environmental Changes: Some of the things you’ve collected maybe a little out of place should your move take you to a completely different environment. For example, it is highly unlikely you’ll need that snowmobile in Florida; or those water skis in Arizona. So, take only the things that are relevant to the environment you’re moving to.

3. Clearing Space 

Cardboard boxes and household stuff indoors. Moving day

Sometimes it seems like stuff just accumulates on its own. If your tendency to accumulate stuff seems to be getting out of hand, it might be a good time for a downsizing sale to free-up some space. In addition to giving you more space, not living in such a cluttered environment could be good for your psyche also. Start with the places you were most likely to put things and forget them, like the garage, closets, and the outdoor shed. Broken furniture and lawnmowers also make good candidates. 

4. Money in Hand 

Again, not everything you dispose of needs to the junk pile. Some of it can be sold for cold hard cash. What seems like junk to you could be a thing of value for someone else. So, if you want to make some extra cash to offset the costs of the move, then a downsizing sale would be great. 

5. Storage Expenses 

Storage is a convenient way to free up space while holding onto items, but it can also be expensive. Some people have things in storage that they’ll probably never use again. Why not liquidate those assets and use the money to buy new things or make home improvements?

Conclusion: Downsizing Is Easy 

Because downsizing is so easy, that may be the biggest incentive yet for you to do it. It is simple and easy to auction off some of your old stuff. Just be flexible about what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of.

With DownsizeSale Auctioneers (https://downsizesale.com/wp/), managing your online auction is a cinch. Especially if you don’t have a ton of stuff to get rid of in the first place. After you call to inquire about our services, you can download our DownsizeSale Seller APP, then photograph the items you want to sell. We will then upload your items and catalog them. You can then preview the items. Then, with your approval, we will upload them to our online estate sale auction website where you can conduct your seller-managed auction. 

Or, if you prefer, you can opt for our full-service plan(DownsizeSale Managed Sale option) and save even more time and money.

By Robin Liu – April 7/2020
Robin Liu is the founder of DownsizeSale.com, the first modern estate auction company in Western Canada. 

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