Downsizing – 5 Top Reasons You Do It Now

Our propensity for collecting things never stops. For as long as we live, we will continue to collect stuff. We are continually shifting from one interest to another. And the relics from those different eras seem to pile up everywhere – garages, closets, the spare bedroom, and, of course, the storage house outback. And that brings us to the gist of this article – the need to downsize, and the right time to do it. 

Below are 5 downsizing options you should not miss:

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1. Transition or Change 

Sometimes the family itself takes on a new look, like with a divorce or death. In such cases, an estate (or downsizing) sale can help reshape your space for your changing family. These kinds of change can be difficult, so having a comprehensive plan will help smooth the transition. 

Seniors moving out of the home presents its own set of problems. So, too, do children leave the nest. In both situations, a lot of stuff gets left behind. All the more reason you should secure the services of a full-service mover. We will come to your house before the move and photograph and catalog everything. Then, when it is time for the move, we simply come by and pick up everything, leaving you free to concentrate on other things. You don’t even have to be home at the time.

But the transition doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. It could be cause for relief; relief that you now have more free time to do the things you always wanted to do. For example, your move might take you away from having to worry about lawn care or snow plowing. If that’s the case, you’ll have plenty of time to start that new hobby or setup that new man cave you’ve always wanted. In the case of the children finally leaving the nest, you could turn their old room into a playroom for the grandkids when they visit. The sky’s the limit now.

2. Moving 

mortgage, people and real estate concept – happy couple with boxes and french bulldog dog moving to new home and drinking coffee

You could try loading up everything and moving it yourself if you want to save a little money, but that might turn out to be a little hard on your back, especially if you own a lot of heavy stuff. If you’re going to do the job yourself, get rid of all the stuff you don’t need first. 

If you want to avoid all the headaches (and backaches) you could always hire a professional mover. Again, you can reduce the costs by clearing out all the junk you don’t need first. 

But, throwing away your “stuff” can be easier said than done. So, to lighten the decision-making load (pardon the pun) for you you, I propose the following suggestions:

  • Frequency of Use: As you prepare to make your move, ask yourself, “how often do I use this item?” If the answer comes back, “not very often,” then that might be an item you should leave behind. 
  • Is it cheaper to just leave some old stuff and buy, or rent, new stuff as needed?: Most household items can be easily replaced when you get to your destination, but things like firearms, large appliances, and clothes you should keep. Also, you might be able to do without all that old sports memorabilia piled up in the garage. You could also make some much-needed cash by having a downsizing sale.
  • The Floor Plan: It might be the case that there’s just not enough room for all of the collectibles you’ve accumulated over the years in your new home, so you’ll just have to decide which is more important, and which is not.
  • Environmental Changes: Some of the things you’ve collected maybe a little out of place should your move take you to a completely different environment. For example, it is highly unlikely you’ll need that snowmobile in Florida; or those water skis in Arizona. So, take only the things that are relevant to the environment you’re moving to.

3. Clearing Space 

Cardboard boxes and household stuff indoors. Moving day

Sometimes it seems like stuff just accumulates on its own. If your tendency to accumulate stuff seems to be getting out of hand, it might be a good time for a downsizing sale to free-up some space. In addition to giving you more space, not living in such a cluttered environment could be good for your psyche also. Start with the places you were most likely to put things and forget them, like the garage, closets, and the outdoor shed. Broken furniture and lawnmowers also make good candidates. 

4. Money in Hand 

Again, not everything you dispose of needs to the junk pile. Some of it can be sold for cold hard cash. What seems like junk to you could be a thing of value for someone else. So, if you want to make some extra cash to offset the costs of the move, then a downsizing sale would be great. 

5. Storage Expenses 

Storage is a convenient way to free up space while holding onto items, but it can also be expensive. Some people have things in storage that they’ll probably never use again. Why not liquidate those assets and use the money to buy new things or make home improvements?

Conclusion: Downsizing Is Easy 

Because downsizing is so easy, that may be the biggest incentive yet for you to do it. It is simple and easy to auction off some of your old stuff. Just be flexible about what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of.

With DownsizeSale Auctioneers (, managing your online auction is a cinch. Especially if you don’t have a ton of stuff to get rid of in the first place. After you call to inquire about our services, you can download our DownsizeSale Seller APP, then photograph the items you want to sell. We will then upload your items and catalog them. You can then preview the items. Then, with your approval, we will upload them to our online estate sale auction website where you can conduct your seller-managed auction. 

Or, if you prefer, you can opt for our full-service plan(DownsizeSale Managed Sale option) and save even more time and money.

By Robin Liu – April 7/2020
Robin Liu is the founder of, the first modern estate auction company in Western Canada. 

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