Do you use shill bidders to increase the price or do you have to pay for every bid?

No! We are not a “penny auction” or “bidding fee auction” site. There is no cost to bid, and we do not use fake/shill bidders to increase the pricing. You can use the proxy bid feature if you are unavailable to bid at the time of auction closing, you can set your max bid to $100, and if the other bidders only go up to $40, you would win the item for $41. If someone bids higher than $100, then you would lose the auction.

Why do you price everything $1?

As an auction company, and our business model is to sell everything by auction with no reserve price, no bottom price at all. A buyer could get a beautiful vase for $1, that is true, and it happens all the time. We start everything at $1 to make sure every items sells for our clients so they can move all of their items. You are assured to get a very good deal because we are still very new and most people don’t know about us yet! Please share our auction page with your friends who would want to get good deals also.

Your site requires my credit card info when I submit my first bid. How do I know it is safe?

A:  In order to protect the integrity of the online bidding process, we only accept bids by those bidders who have a valid credit card on file.  Verification of the credit card is also a process of validating the bidder’s identity, so that every seller knows they have bids from a real human and not a computer, and every bidder knows they are bidding against a human. We understand that some of you may be hesitant to provide this type of information. In fact, DownsizeSale does NOT store credit card info on our system. We use, one of the largest online payment processor, and they handle the storage and payments directly upon auction closing. Not like other online auction auction companies in Regina, no credit card data is stored on DownsizeSale’s web server, instead the customer billing data is sent to Stripe and stored with them, and a token is returned and stored in DownsizeSale’s web server. This token will be sent to Stripe when buyer makes online payment next time without providing credit car info again.

How do you calculate incremental increases?

It all depends on the estimated value of an item. for example:

items that start bidding for 10$ have incremental increases of 1$.

items that start bidding for 100$ have incremental increases of 10$

items that start bidding for 1000$ have incremental increases of 100$

Its very simple! in some cases the rates may be different depending on the item and the clients needs.

Let us know!

How we get the word out to locals?

After your items are cataloged, an auction date is set at which point our team starts promoting the items on several online platforms, clients can also feel free to share the auction link on social media to garner a greater number of bidders.

Enter the internet!

Dynamic ads give us our competitive edge; these are targeted ads for people looking for certain things. for example, if someone searches for an item in Google, if it is related to something in our sale in their area they will start to see ads for our company or the Downsizesale auction results for the item they’re trying to buy. So, if they search for ‘cars for sale’, Google knows where they’re searching from, it knows that we have an auction going on in their area right now and that there is cars in our auction. This will ensure that it is a result on Google’s first page

Why was I outbid by an amount less than the minimum increment?

Since all bidders have the ability to place a Bid, you may occasionally find that you have been outbid by an amount that does not seem correct. For example, if your Bid was $8, yet you lost an item to another buyer who won for $10, here’s why: At 12:01 PM, Lot 1 is at $4. At 12:30 PM, Bidder 1 (yourself) places a Bid for $8. Bidding continues and at 12:45 PM, lot 1 is at $7. At 12:46 PM, Bidder 2 places a Bid of $10. Bidder 2’s bid is accepted since it is above the $2 minimum increment at the time (since the lot was at $8), and it also outbids your bid of $10. As another example, if you place a Bid of $25 when lot 2 is at $15, why did the bid jump to $23.50?The other bidder had a $22.50 Bid which is why when you put in the $25 Bid, it jumped to the next $1 increment from the $22.50 Bid to $23.50.

Be smart!

Is Downsizesale different from Kijiji or craigslist?

Downsizesale manages the whole sale process for you, we have a team of professionals specially trained for this task. Downsizesale  does everything including cataloging, photography, marketing and billing. We market your items. our buyers (who are collectors, antique dealers, resellers and people looking for things that interest them). All you have to do is tell us what you want to sell. You don’t have to deal with the individual buyers over e-mail, phone and in-person when you list things with Craigslist or Kijiji. With Downsizesale, you deal with one professional team from start to finish, we are a one stop shop.

its just simple!

What is my items worth?

There is no way to tell what an item will be worth. items worth is usually based on a few factors including:

  • Rarity & Condition
  • Antiques & memorabilia
  • Authentic collectibles

You can also download a google search by images to figure out your items value.

When the price is right!

Is there a disposal fee?

At the moment we offer no disposal fees, as any abandoned or forgotten items are returned back to the seller. but, the buyer may be at risk of being suspended from future bidding. you can also request that we handle unsold items in advance, we can attempt to have the items given away or donated first to avoid making the situation troublesome , and the buyer has to pick up there items. Please contact Downsizesale at if you have any questions.