Is there a disposal fee?

At the moment we offer no disposal fees, as any abandoned or forgotten items are returned back to the seller. but, the buyer may be at risk of being suspended from future bidding. you can also request that we handle unsold items in advance, we can attempt to have the items given away or donated first to avoid making the situation troublesome , and the buyer has to pick up there items. Please contact Downsizesale at if you have any questions.


Will someone from Downsizesale help me with moving my items?

No, Downsizesale does not provide a moving service to help move items during the arranged pick-up time. this responsibility falls on the buyer, you must make all the necessary arrangements.Please bring your own tools, equipment, boxes, wrapping paper etc to help you dismantle and remove your items. you may need to Bring assistance for large, heavy or awkward-to-move items.  please make sure to arrive on time or before a few minutes to organize yourself and the task ahead to package or wrap all items purchased and to move them out of the property. Please remember that you will be held responsible for any damage you cause to the property and that any damage that accrues on the items while moving is also your responsibility . For this reason, it is important that you bring all the assistance needed- this could include dollies, tools and enough people to help carry and move the items safely.

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What will I need to prepare for my pickup?

Make sure that you bring a valid ID and your invoice information for the pickup, with you.-we will provide an address for each item, please double check the address and make sure you know how to get there on time. -If you have won a large number of items be sure to arrive with plenty of time to remove and pack your items, as well as bringing the appropriate help to load your vehicle.-Make arrangements to bring your own boxes and wrapping materials -Bring any help or tools necessary to move or load your items in addition to the appropriately sized vehicle. Items purchased must be taken during the scheduled pickup time and date. (Firearms and Automobiles have special pickup requirements. Please contact us for more information.)

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How do I find items near me?

Since we only operate in Regina and Saskatoon, all our items are less then an hour drive away from you. please make sure to confirm item location when bidding or picking up.

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How do I receive my money from a successful bidder?

To register you must first submit your credit card information in order to bid. Upon auction close all successful bidders are invoiced within 1 hour and their credit cards are processed. Payment for your items will be in the form of a single cheque or direct deposit. Downsizesale will provide you with the payment and a detailed report of the items sold and the price of each items selling point.

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Can I pick up my items at a different time than the stated pick up time?

No, because pick-up times are scheduled in advance to ensure that Downsizesales representatives are available. Pick-up times are scheduled and posted after the auction is completed. Please ensure that you or someone you know will be available to arrange appropriate transportation during the scheduled pick-up time after you have successfully bid on an item.

Please note that you must provide us with proof that you have in fact purchased the item.

If you will be sending someone you know to pick up the items kindly inform us ahead of time.

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What if there is bad weather coming during the day of the pick up?

We keep a close eye on the current weather conditions, and will email you a few hours before pickup if we change pickup date/time. However, if you absolutely cannot make it due to the weather conditions at pickup, please contact us before auction pickup time by emailing or call us directly, or we will provide a resolution depending on the situation and at our discretion based on the constraints given to us by the Seller). Note that if the weather has cleared, we cannot execute an alternative unless you decide to pay a third party for pick up. please make sure to inform us!

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Do we ship items?

No, we do not. the Buyers have to pick up the sold items at the seller’s home or business address. after the auction is completed, buyers will receive an e-mail confirmation that includes the date and pick up time. every item in our online inventory has a lot number and a item code. please make sure to have all the needed information on hand to avoid confusion. please remember that our customer service representatives are available 24/7 to help you with any inquires or questions.

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Where can I find the pick up address?

For some auction events, the pickup address is hidden to protect seller’s privacy. It is only released to the winning bidders upon auction completion via email . If you are a winning bidder, you can also find the pickup address on your invoice. upon pickup all winning bidders must make sure that they are prepared to pickup there items onsite. please note that is not responsible for any damage that occurs to the sold items during the shipping process and remember our customer service representatives are ready to answer all your pickup related questions.

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