How can I get a copy of my invoice?

The invoice of your final sale proceeds is emailed to the email address listed on your account after the sale is completed and payment has been mailed. You may also sign into your account and access your account to find the invoices for any previous sales!

After the sale has ended, your invoice will be issued. you will find relevant information such as gross sales revenue. Once the sale is completed and processed, you will receive a statement detailing the net proceeds from the sale, and the final check amount.  You can go to your account to review your invoices at any time!

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How do I sell the contents of my estate?

Downsizesale is an online estate sale & downsizing company that uses an innovative customer service armed with extensive knowledge of the online auction market. Our website & full service model— photography, cataloging, payment – makes the entire process of planning and managing an estate sale easy and effortless. From furniture to arts, used cars, collectibles, vintage bags, and everyday household items, we sell it all.

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What does “Fair Market Value” mean?

At Downsizesale, whatever an item fetches at the end of an auction is considered to be an item’s Fair Market Value. In its simplest sense, fair market value is the price that an item would sell for on the open market. Fair Market Value is defined as the price at which the item would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller.

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What can be considered in our auctions?

Downsizesale accepts unique and high-quality items in categories such as art, antiques, jewelry, watches, designer fashion, decor and sports memorabilia. we will always do our best to auction off the contents of your estate if they are deemed sellable. alternate arrangements will be made for items that dont sell. For consignment items, Downsizesale is looking for pieces that are in good condition and can achieve a minimum value of $10. Contact us to find out if your items qualify!

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Why are the bids in current auctions so low?

online auction usually pick up the pace in the last 10 minutes. bidders will usually wait until the very end to place a bid. Unlike Amazon, Downsizesale’s soft-close feature extends bidding by 3 minutes whenever an item receives a bid in the final 2 minutes of bidding. the auction will continue so long as bidders are still making higher offers.


Is there a price or fee to use our service?

We will be introducing service packages at some point, we will offer 2 packages.

Package A,  is a full service pack, also called DownsizeSale Managed Sale service:
Our local expert team will come to client location to catalog, photograph all client ‘s goods,  run client’s online auction, and secure client’s pickup event. We do everything from A to Z, client simply sits back and watches everything sell.

Our commission structure is based on the final sales price of each item.
$1        –  $500 :        25%
$501    –  $1000 :     20%
$1001 –   max:         15%

Management Fee:  $500

Package B, is a partial service pack, also called Seller Managed Sale:
We set client up to run his/her own auction event in our platform. Client do the cataloging photographing of his/her goods, and we take care of the rest. Most service providers and our partners take this option.

Our commission structure is based on the final sales price of each item.
$1        –  $500 :        25%
$501    –  $1000 :     20%
$1001 –   max:         15%

No management fee.

How do I receive my money from a successful bidder?

To register you must first submit your credit card information in order to bid. Upon auction close all successful bidders are invoiced within 1 hour and their credit cards are processed. Payment for your items will be in the form of a single cheque or direct deposit. Downsizesale will provide you with the payment and a detailed report of the items sold and the price of each items selling point.

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What happens to items that don’t end up selling?

Our model guarantees the sale of at least 90% of the items that are up for auction, you will have the option of selling or donating whatever is left over, we might also be able to do that for you provided you inform us ahead of time.

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