Will someone be available for support while my item is listed?

Yes, we will provide you with information about your auctions progress. Support is available to handle any questions you may have, either via Toll Free 1-844-222-3331 or via email at support@Downsizesale.com. Live support is available 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

That’s what our support team was hired for!

How do we market a client’s auction?

Downsizesale markets your items on several social media platforms, you are also free to share your auction lot link on your social media accounts in order to boost item values and have more bidders competing on them.

Talking about coverage!

What are some of the marketing methods we use?

Every Downsizesale auction attracts anywhere from 15-30% new bidders. ensuring we continuously bring new end-users to the auction and grow awareness is important for us, we value our clients satisfaction, not just for your auction, but for downsizesale as a whole.  We attract these new participants through targeting social media advertising as well as posts on various sites and physical advertisements.

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What security measures are taken with my items?

The preview and pick-up events are supervised by our team members. Items will be organized to prevent loss, however, DownsizeSale will not be held liable for loss of items from your home. Your items are sold in an online auction, and held at your home or business. after the completion of the auctioning process, we will set up a date and time at your earliest convenience for the buyers to pick up the items purchased using a lot number, an item code and a purchase invoice. our team members will verify the identity of all the buyers and assist them in finding the right items.

We are safe!