Will someone from Downsizesale help me with moving my items?

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No, Downsizesale does not provide a moving service to help move items during the arranged pick-up time. this responsibility falls on the buyer, you must make all the necessary arrangements.Please bring your own tools, equipment, boxes, wrapping paper etc to help you dismantle and remove your items. you may need to Bring assistance for large, heavy or awkward-to-move items.  please make sure to arrive on time or before a few minutes to organize yourself and the task ahead to package or wrap all items purchased and to move them out of the property. Please remember that you will be held responsible for any damage you cause to the property and that any damage that accrues on the items while moving is also your responsibility . For this reason, it is important that you bring all the assistance needed- this could include dollies, tools and enough people to help carry and move the items safely.

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